Caexs Hemp Farm

Our Story

CAEXS CAnnabis EXtractS (pronounces Cakes).

Our High Quality CBD oil is produced from the ground up…Literally. That is why when we started our CBD company, we knew we had to know where the hemp we use in our products comes from, and what processes are used to produce it.

While many CBD companies source their hemp from unknown third parties, we are proud to say that all of our CBD products are made from hemp grown on our farm in Willamette Valley, Oregon. We then process and bottle our CBD products at our facility in beautiful Jupter, Florida.

Our process is 100% Made in the USA.

Why Caexs?

Caexs takes pride in our products.  Every bottle is carefully manufactured in a florida hemp certified lab.  We pride ourselves in small-batch production.  We use the highest quality certified organic products.   All of our products are gluten-free, non-GMO and third-party lab tested. 

Unique Products

CAEXS only utilizes high quality small batch ingredients.

  • Farm to Bottle – Single Sourced Hemp
  • High Quality Organic Coconut oil
  • Certified Organic MCT oil
  • Nothing Synthetic, Ever
CAEXS 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Sublingual